Meade 90 mm ETX Maksutov-Cassegrain (USA made) Telescope (USED)



When the original ETX® telescope was introduced in 1996, it quickly created a revolution in amateur astronomy. Here for the first time was a stunningly beautiful, ultraportable, and highly versatile telescope system of unprecedented optical resolution and performance. Within one year of its introduction the ETX became the largest-selling modern telescope in the world.

Optical Systems: Manufactured at the Meade Irvine, California, facility, ETX Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes produce superlative, diffraction-limited optical performance and resolution. Optics so high in contrast, image brightness, and resolution that ETX-90AT, ETX-105AT, and ETX-125AT models often outperform many telescopes of larger apertures

For high-resolution imaging of terrestrial subjects, Meade ETX Spotting Scopes are two of the finest instruments ever developed at any price. Explore the subtleties of a bird's feather structure at 50 yards; read license plates more than half a mile in the distance; observe people walking on a street two miles in the distance; or use an ETX Spotting Scope for casual astronomical observations of the Moon, planets, and deep-space. The possibilities are as limitless as your own imagination.

Meade ETX Spotting Scopes include the exact same astronomical-quality, diffraction-limited optical tube assemblies as their respective Astro Telescope versions. As a result these systems far outperform other terrestrial telescopes not manufactured to within such precise optical tolerances.