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USED (LIKE NEW) University Optics Orthoscopic 4MM Eyepiece

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Quote from ED Ting's review website

"I spent some time with several of these, and not once did I wish for my more expensive Plossls or Naglers. In fact, if you are primarily a planetary or double star observer, orthoscopics may be the best choice for you. They don't soak up as much light as the 5-8 element designs, and they're sharp. Drawbacks? The eye lens is small below 7 mm. The mechanical construc- tion isn't as solid as the TeleVue Plossls, or the Meade Series 4000 models -- they're light and small, and minimalist in design. They don't look as cool. The field of view (around 40-45 degrees) is small, compared to Plossls. I am not aware of any eyepieces which are sharper or more useful. I've been told by more than one observer who should know that these eyepieces deliver 90%-95% of the performance of the Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopics, at 25% of the price. Highly recommended. I have the distinct im- pression that I am going to wind up with a complete set. Update, 10/2/98: I had the opportunity to run a detailed comparison between the UO orthos and the TeleVue Naglers and TeleVue Plossls. The fact that I am running this test at all tells you how much I think of these eyepieces. I tested the UO 9 mm against the 9 mm Nagler, and the UO 12.5 mm against the 13 mm Nagler. I also had a TeleVue 10 mm Plossl handy, as well as a host of other eyepieces." ED TING