(((SOLD))) USED (LIKE NEW) Evostar 120/1000 EQ5 MOUNT


The SkyWatcher Evostar 120/1000 optical tube is an achromatic refractor of 120mm in diameter and a focal length of 1000mm. The large diameter allows to collect much more light, making it easier to observe weaker objects. A respectable perspective with good characteristics and quality, affordable for everyone, also considering its very low price.

The long focal length of this Evostar Skywatcher allows you to improve and increase the resolving power of this instrument, versatile and light, it can be used in both deepsky and planetary cases, both visual and photographic.

Evostar achromatic refractor 120/1000 diam. 120mm, focal length 1000 (f / 8.3), focuser with 50.8 / 31.8mm eyepiece holder, 9 × 50 finder, 2 ″ LET 28mm eyepiece (35x), 90 ° mirror diagonal 50.8mm with 31.8mm adapter .