Skywatcher 150mm F5 Reflector with EQ3 mount and steel tripod

Black Diamond P150/750, parabolic, super 25&10, 6x30 finderscope, 1.25" focuser, 2"-1.25" eyepiece adaptor, EQ3, 1.75" steel tripod

The SkyWatcher 150mm EQ3 Reflector Telescope With Steel Tripod is an excellent reflector telescope for beginners and hobbyists alike. Its impressive 150mm aperture is excellent to gather more light into the telescope, and the scope will work well in revealing deep sky luminaries such as nebulae and galaxies.

At 150mm, the telescope has 33% more light gathering power than a 130mm telescope, and 73% more light than 114mm, making it an excellent scope for beginners who want something just a bit more powerful. Its sturdy EQ3 Equatorial steel mount makes it easy to follow a star as it moves through the night sky, giving you a comfortable and highly enjoyable viewing experience.

The SkyWatcher 150mm EQ3 Reflector Telescope With Steel Tripod is excellent for both beginners and intermediate astronomers. You can carry on using this telescope for years to come thanks to its sturdy construction and great quality. The Skywatcher 150mm EQ3 Reflector Telescope is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade from a smaller telescope or for hobbyists wanting an entry level advanced telescope.

*Please note, the image through all finder scopes will be upside down.