Skywatcher 114mm (4.5-inch) Reflector with EQ1 Mount


Black Diamond P114/500, parabolic, EQ1, aluminum tripod, super 25&10, 2X barlow, R.D. finderscope, giftbox

This classic Newtonian telescope with spherical primary mirror provides 114mm of aperture in a particularly light and compact design. Great for beginners. It is very easy to transport, simple to handle and requires no special expertise to operate. This telescope you will show you the rings of Saturn and the cloud bands and moons of Jupiter - looking like a small planetary system all of its own. The brighter nebulae and regions of star formation, such as the Orion Nebula, can also be observed. Why not go on your own personal voyage of discovery.

More than 4,5 inches of aperture integrated in a lightweight construction. With EQ 1 equatorial mount and aluminium tripod. The EQ 1 is the smallest mounting of this production range. The Skywatcher 114/500 EQ 1 is the perfect telescope for novices as its construction is stable and light, and thus, the transportation is very comfortable.

This telescope is equipped with a parabolic main mirror and corrects the spheric aberration, so that that you won´t have to face different locations of the focal point and, in consequence, fuzziness.