Celestron Advanced VX Equatorial Mount


The Celestron Advanced VX mount is an ideal tool for those wishing to participate in astrophotography! The German equatorial mount is small enough to be portable

Celestron Advanced Series VX Equatorial Mount

The Celestron Advanced VX mount is an ideal tool for those wishing to participate in astrophotography! The German equatorial mount is small enough to be portable, but still supports payloads of up to 30lbs! This is the ideal combination to support your DSLR or astronomical camera when capturing those long exposure, deep sky images. All you have to do is add any optical tube with a Vixen style mounting plate and an array of imaging accessories, and you will be all set to create fantastic celestial images!

The technical features offered by Celestron's Advanced VX mount are great for astrophotography! And this is only a fraction of the cost when compared to other observatory-grade mounts!

The AVX mount has permanently programmable periodic error correction (PPEC), integer gear ratios, built-in adjustable backlash compensation, and autoguider support. You can also image across the meridian without doing a meridian flip!

Tracking Capabilities Abound!

This mount, with the computerized GoTo capabilities, can locate and track any of the 40,000+ objects in the NexStar+ hand control's database. All you have to do is perform a simple alignment procedure like Celestron's Sky Align. You can also use Celestron's built-in All-Star Polar Alignment to orient the telescope with the north celestial pole. What could be better than having the telescope mount make all of those small adjustments for you during long exposures? This innovative and incredible mount does most of the work for you! Astrophotography has never been so easy!

But the perks do not stop there! The Advanced VX also offers an improved latitude range. This means you can use it anywhere in the world from 7 to 77 degrees latitude!

Celestron’s engineers pulled no punches when designing the AVX mount. It started from the ground up based on user feedback. The industrial design gives a solid performance. It has improved motors with dual-axis encoders which offer more power to compensate for slight load imbalances. The sturdy 2” steel tripod legs give more rigidity with less flexure. You’ll find two AUX ports and a dedicated autoguider port to give you maximum flexibility with accessories.

Easy to Use!

The moment you unload your mount, you can be aligned and ready to image in less than 30 minutes! The mount comes together with large, ergonomic handles that makes setting up a breeze. The heaviest component weighs only 18 lb.

Compatible with Innovative Celestron Accessories!

The Advanced VX mount gives you an imaging platform equipped with the ability to grow with you as the years go on. The AVX mount is compatible with all of Celestron’s headline-making accessories. You can customize your mount to best suit your needs, no matter how they change with time.

Here are just a few accessories that pair perfectly with Advanced VX:

    • Celestron StarSense AutoAlign

    • SkyQ Link 2 WiFi Module

  • SkySync GPS Accessory

Celestron Advanced Series VX Mount Features:

  • The Advanced VX Mount has a 30 lb payload

  • Equipped with Celestron's All Star Polar Alignment & Autoguider support

  • Permanently Programmable Periodic Error Correction

  • Enhanced motors and base castings

  • Comes with 2 Year Celestron Warranty

Celestron Advanced Series VX Mount Specifications:

  • Payload: 30 lb

  • Permanently Programmable Periodic Error Correction (PPEC)

  • Tripod: 2" Stainless Steel w/ Adjustable Legs

  • Dovetail Type: Vixen V-Style

  • Hand Controller: NexStar Plus w/ LCD Display

  • Slew Speeds: Nine slew speeds, 4 deg/sec maximum

  • Tracking Modes: EQ North, EQ South, Off

  • Motor Type: Low-cog DC Servo Motors w/ Encoders on Both Axes

  • Height adjustment range (includes mount and tripod): 1118 - 1626 mm (44 - 64")

  • Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Solar and Lunar

  • Alignment Procedures: 2-star, 1-star, Solar system, Quick-align, Last-align

  • Software: Starry Night Special Edition

  • Counterweight: One 12 lb Counterweight is included

  • Tripod Weight: 18 lb

  • Mount Head Weight: 17 lb

  • Total Weight (Including Counterweight): 46 lb