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USED TS-Optics APO100Q Imaging Star 100 mm f/5.8

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The TSQ-100ED apochromat for astrophotography offers a gigantic fully corrected and illuminated image field.

Rings, Dovetail, Case 

Excellent condition! 1 year warranty included.

♦ 100 mm aperture / 580 mm focal length / focal ratio f/5.8

♦ 4-element design similar to Petzval - all four elements are built into the tube at fixed positions.

♦ 49 mm image circle with full illumination and correction allows using full-frame size cameras

♦ 4" CNC rack and pinion focuser with 360° rotation and an adjustment range of 40 mm

♦ Working distances 95-135 mm from the M82x1 male connection thread or 62-102 mm from the 2" receptacle - depending on the position of the drawtube of the focuser.

♦ Each quadruplet apochromat is checked before shipping and the optical system is tested - you get an optimally adjusted telescope for successful photography and observing right from the beginning.

♦ Numerous photographic results can be found in the internet and also here in the reviews section.