An incredible revelatory experience one that must be seen to be believed.


Far superior to Canon stabilized binoculars, The KITE 16x42 APC stabilized binoculars bring you the latest technology in binocular image stabilisation. It must be seen in person to be believed, the differences are not subtle in any way. The stabilization technology in the Kite model is many steps above that of Canon!
There are other stabilized binoculars in the market, but none of them compare to this.   



The innovative APC 42 redefines your experience in nature observation. Just as light and just as bright as conventional 42mm roof prism binoculars, but stable. And not the kind of stability you may have experienced before…  but an entirely new level of stability. Observe in the strongest winds, Observe as long as you like. See details as if you are watching a film. Start watching while you are still out of breath from that long walk, and enjoy highest magnifications without the slightest image vibration. But most important of all… Let yourself be amazed by the things you see, that are invisible with even the best standard binoculars. 

The stabilized binoculars are equipped with KITE’s APC system (angle power control). Without having to switch the button, it will put the stabilizing electronics to sleep mode when the instrument is in rest position (hanging from the neck) , and automatically activate the unit when you start observing again. This results in a huge increase of battery life and comfort of use.


The APC 42 binocular has 2 battery boxes. Each battery box holds 2 standard AA bateries. One battery box contains 2 functional AA batteries that will run for 60 hours. The other box containes 2 spare AA batteries. After the first 60 hours, simply switch be batteries and continue for another 60 hours.  Intelligent features such as the KITE APC system (angle power control) will put the stabilizing electronics in sleep mode when the instrument is in rest position (hanging from the neck) , and automatically activate the unit when you start observing again. This results in a huge increase of battery life and usage comfort. And regardless of its position (rest or active), after 90 mintues the instrument will automatically switch off for energy saving.




The stabilisation capacity of the APC 42 goes beyond the suppression of image vibrations caused by wind or hand trembling. Its stabilisation capacity is 2x to 3x larger than that of other consumer stabilisers binoculars. APC stabilized binoculars have a millitary grade capacity stabilisation system that allows stable viewing from driving vehicles, boats, aircrafts and other unstable platforms.  


The APC 42 is fully waterproof. The optical system and electronics are sealed to result in an IPX 7 waterproof rating. It can handle any kind of rain shower and can even be submerged to 1 meter depth for a maximum of 30 minutes.  The system is nitrogen gas filled, to prevent internal fogging.


"APC 42"


Sinds een maand hebben we onze Zeiss vervangen door de APC 42. De verwachtingen waren hoog gespannen door het enthousiasme van George en Marc. De belofte bij gebruik in het veld is meer dan volledig waargemaakt, wat een helder en scherp beeld, ook als de weersomstandigheden niet best zijn en in de avondschemering.
De kijker zit eigenlijk tussen een telescoop en een verrekijker in. Bij gevolg gebruiken we de telescoop veel minder.
De kijker toont groot, maar ligt heel prettig in de hand, makkelijk te hanteren en door de stabilisatie van het beeld ook geschikt om vogels in de vlucht te volgen en veel details waar te nemen. Kortom het waarnemen van vogels heeft een nieuwe dimensie gekregen en herkenning op (grote) afstand is veel beter.
Prijs kwaliteit is zeer in verhouding.
Een aanrader!


"Met my needs; exceeded my expectations!"



I have been a user of 10x30 imaged stabilised binoculars (different brand) for a few years now but have wanted greater magnification (14 x or above) for more detailed or distant bird observation and occasional astronomy. Image stabilisation was a “must have” but there were very few choices that did not have some limitations such as excessive weight, poor battery life, little or no weather protection or not enough magnification. I was very interested when I came across a review from Best Binoculars on a very different looking product from a company I had not heard of. This was the Kite APC 16x42. These looked to meet so many of my requirements. The were of a manageable weight (about 100g more than my current model), had a very impressive battery life, were fully waterproof (my current model has no weather protection at all!) and were 16x magnification. I decided to risk buying them even though I was not sure how well stabilised 16x binoculars could be. I have been completely astounded by how well they perform. I love the unusual but extremely comfortable design which suits my hands perfectly. The fact they have an on/off switch with automatic power control means I no longer have to keep my finger pressing on a button like my current product (which is quite uncomfortable after a while). The added magnification and increased level of detail is amazing and I can easily hold them steady with just one hand while taking notes with the other! Astronomy is also incredible and the moon is truly stunning to observe. I will, almost certainly, be selling my 10x30 IS as I do not feel they really give me anything extra. Are there any downsides to the Kite APC’s? Some people have said, unfairly, that the field of view is small and it is difficult to track moving birds through the woods etc. Firstly, these are 16x magnification! Of course they will have a smaller field of view; that is why I chose them. Yes, it can be a little tricky to track a bird as it hops from branch to branch but, once located, the increased image size of the bird makes the effort in finding it worthwhile. There can, on occasion, be some issues with flare/glare but, just like when you often shield your eyes when looking towards the direction of the sun, I have found I can place my hand over the end of the Kite APC to act as a shield (like a lens hood) and this is all possible as I can handhold with one hand! Overall, the major benefits over my current model and the meeting of all of my needs means I am a very happy customer.