Olympus Trinocular SZX16 Stereo Microscope


The versatile SZX16 microscope is designed for very demanding applications with the ability to resolve 900 line pair/mm. Utilize the full zoom range (0.7x–11.5x) with our dual turret. The extendable eyepoint adjuster provides comfortable posture for users of different heights.

SDF - Lineup of Objective Lenses

The astigmatism-free SDF series of objectives provide high-resolution and high-contrast images. Select from six different lenses based on your specimen requirements.

With the combination of a large, seamless zoom ratio and a comprehensive range of parfocal objectives (0.5X, 1.0X, 1.6X, and 2.0X), the SZX16 takes you from a macro-view to a micro-view. The range of resolution and magnification choices helps make your work efficient and precise so you get more information from your samples.