APM 120mm 90-degree APO Binocular w/Manfrotto heavy duty tripod


Cosmetic condition: 10/10
Mechanical condition: 10/10

APM 120 mm 90° SD-Apo Bino with 1,25" eyepieces & Center Mount

High End APO Bino

This spherical excellently corrected 2-lens (rear lens OHARA FPL 53 SD) air gap SD APO binoculars provides extremely high contrast. The color correction, contrast and transmission just as good as other Japanese glasses, that cost significantly more. In the basic equipment we have included 1 set 18mm eyepieces.

Are integrated sliding dew shields with front cover plate, a carrying handle with sighting device, a photo tripod adapter with 3/8 "thread connection and 2 eyepieces with 37fold magnification.

To keep the weight to a minimum, the binoculars housing is made of magnesium alloy.

New: waterproofed and nitrogen filled



APM Fork Mount for large Binoculars

The APM fork mount is the result of user feed back. Optimal tracking coupled with nearly no vibrations and at the same time a high load capacity are unsurpassed.

Therefore, the APM fork mount is the first choice for your binocular.

Fields of application

  • solid azimuth mount for Astronomy - suitable for our new APM ED 100mm and 120 mm Binocular


  •  Alt/azimuth Fork-mount
  • Weight 10.6 lb
  • Tripod connection with 3/8"  photo tripod thread
  • Panning area 360°, tilting from horizon to zenith
  • Accessory interface with 3 holes and 3/8" screw
  • Adjustable friction in Altitude and Azimuth

Tilting up to Zenith

Through the special fork design this mount enables you to tilt up to the zenith. So you can use it for astronomy and nature observing.

Technical details

The Pivot bearing (base) is made as dry storage. Thus the fork is easily removable. Without Pivot bearing it only weights 4.07 kg. In addition the separate base is easily assembled on the tripod.
The distance of the fork-arms is 28 cm inside, and 36 cm outside. This fork-mount is suitable for our 100mm and 120 mm binoculars, and the 28x110 binocular.

Delivery contents

  • For-kmount
  • 3/8" Mounting screw


pack size:
17 cm x 36 cm x 36 cm
high-strength aluminum alloy
Type of mount:
azimuthal fork mount
thread at the base 3/8"
Weight over all:
10.6 lbs