Harout with antique brass telescope

Harout Markarian

Bryce with telescope

Bryce Tordiffe

Owner Harout Markarian and service manager Bryce Tordiffe are proud to offer their customers good, old-fashioned, attentive service ... in a real store! They are both highly experienced and knowledgeable amateur astronomers and experts in optical instruments. They love sharing their knowledge and introducing people to the field.

Harout was previously the manager of another telescope store where he developed relationships with a large number of local amateur astronomers and some birdwatchers as well. He has always wanted to have his own store where he could share his passion.

Bryce too has had experience at another telescope store. But he spent most of his previous career working in a large multinational company as an electrical engineer. He is very adept at troubleshooting and repairing devices and optical instruments.

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Jamie Ball, Vancouver, BC.
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Mike Szmigielski, Surrey, BC.
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